Local Moving Companies: Relocate Your Home or Office

Moving has been quite a craze among people. Until the recent recession in 2009, more than 20% of America’s population changed addresses frequently with help from Local Moving Companies. Various factors need to be considered before you decide to make a move. The most important one being to consider whether you do all the shifting by yourself or if you should hire professional services engaged in the business of moving.

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You can do some initial collecting and packing of your stuff and later employ the Local Moving Company to do the rest of the moving & packing. Prior thought will save you a lot of your valuable time in choosing the perfect firm to relocate with.

Let us first reflect on the various benefits of doing the shifting on one’s own. To start with, it is free of cost. In case you are only paying for the van and not hiring any services you can save on a lot of bucks. Further money is saved if you are driving your truck as well. Drivers often charge excessive rates. You also need not collect any moving company quotes.

Another plus point is you can do the packing at your ease. You can seriously consider doing things on your own if you have enough time. Friends and family can be of great help in such situations. Also, everything is in under your control and you need not depend on the workers. Proper & skillful planning can aid you in completing a successful moving.

Local Movers

One of the advantages of making a local move is that it will cost you a lot less overall considering the driving distance will not be that far. Another advantage is that you can consult with people in your community on how satisfied they have been with your local moving company. This might be the best way for you to choose the best company for the job. Why use a nationwide, overly corporate moving company when you can use a local company that will not charge you ridiculous prices. These types of local companies will take great care during your move and can offer many conveniences and special touches for your move.

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The first part of your move is getting a quote from the local company you have considered hiring. The quote will be with everything included so no surprise charges will be greeting you at the end of your move. The company will be fully licensed and insured which comes at no extra cost to you. The moving company will have their own trucks and means of moving everything, which will also be included inside their quote. Being open the entire time is one of the ways the moving company holds your best interests in mind.

You can have your moving company pack all of your belongings, unpack everything, and of course everything else that may be considered during a move. If you have multiple vehicles that you might need help transporting a short distance, this can be arranged as well by your moving company at a very low cost. Moving is made very affordable when you are only making a local change in location. If you are looking for a more affordable moving option, instead of having the company pack everything for you, there are many different options to choose from.

Moving Company Services

The moving industry has changed quite a bit in recent years. With the advent of websites, storage pods and national freight companies, there are many different types of moving services you can find.  Whether you are using a local moving company, a moving website or just renting a truck and doing it yourself there are many ways for the moving industry to help you. Packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, rental trucks, pods, storage, boxes, packing materials, and recycling are just a few of the many different services available and these days you can mix and match any of them to meet your needs. Below I have listed some of the most common services available and the ones, which have been requested most frequently by our customers.

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Full Service Move

When you want the moving company to safely pack every item in your home, supply all the boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper. Pad and shrink-wrap all furniture, load, move, unload the truck and unpack as many of the boxes as you want, wherever you want.

Simple Move

This is the most commonly requested service. You pack and box your belongings. They pad and shrink wrap your furniture, load, move and unload the truck at the desired location.

Load & Unload Only

Movers can help you to load or unload your rental truck, storage pod, ABF truck, storage unit or garage. This option is most useful to people who are able to drive a rental truck or who want to use a freight service. While you can save money using this option, you take on the responsibility for your belongings while they are being moved. The moving company, truck rental or freight company will not be responsible for any damage while in transit.

Commercial Move

Moving companies can help you to move your business or shop, including furniture, equipment, machinery, stock and records.

Eco-Friendly Move

Some companies will recycle boxes and packing materials after use. They can help you to obtain free, clean, sturdy and inspected recycled boxes or plastic bins to help lessen your move’s impact on the environment and your wallet. Some moving company’s trucks run on bio-diesel to reduce emissions.